Subject: Re: I have the KA660 tech manual
To: Lindgren, Jon <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/16/1999 22:51:43
Hi !

> I finally received my copy of the KA660 tech manual (for the cpu in the VAX
> 4000/200).  Whom may I bribe (and what information do I provide) to get
> things started for 4000/200 support?

Fine. Things, which shouldn't be that big:

Are there any special things to take care of when enabling the cache ?
Antonio told me some parts out of the KA660 manual. I know the procedure
of disabling, writing values to tag area, and enabling cache. I have
sources with another procedure writing to invalidate filter areas... Main
point is the primary cache, this is what i can test on my VAXstation 4000
VLC. I have the I/O-addresses and processor registers here, but you could
have a closer look if there is something to set up to make sure I/O area
is not addresses through cache, i only can think of such a problem. For
the KA660 i also need the procedure to enable the backup cache, which is
not present in the KA48.

Another thing which is a bit important to make NetBSD useful on this box:
i think there should be a TOY clock inside. In VAXstations this is the
same chip used in PCs, the MC 6814...somewhat. Maybe VAX 4000 series uses
another thing, but if it has a clock, which knows about the current time,
even when the box is off, i would like to put support into it so i don't
have to set the date after every boot :-)
(This helps VAX 4000/300 and 4000/200)

Another thing: Does the 4000/200 have the console port on the CPU panel ?
Then i think it is controlled by processor registers like on the old big
boxes and the newer 4000/300.

With this information, and the values of SID (E/I 3e) and SIDEX (E/P
20040004) i think i should be able to get a running kernel for you to
test. (Maybe we have to disable the cache again, if it makes the same
trouble as on the VAXstation 4000 VLC). This means: you are able to boot
NetBSD and do something useful with this nice machine :-)

so long... Michael