Subject: DECserver 2000/MC strange behaviour
To: Port-VAX Mailinglist <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/16/1999 19:37:22
Hi !

A bit off-topic, but maybe anyone has seen this yet.

since some time i use my DECserver 200/MC with my VXT 2000+ to control
some VAXen via the LAT-DECterm of the VXT. Sometimes, i get a big bunch of
Ctrl+G (0x07) sent either from the serial port to the VAX or from the VAX
to the serial port. I saw this on my VAX 4000/300 and thought, it might be
a bug there. But today i can say, this might be on all ports, i get this
crap on other VAXen, too. And if i see right, the DECserver sends many
0x07s to the VAX, i never counted, but this time there seem to be sent
exactly 284 chars. Not a magic number, i would have expected 256 or so.

Does anyone get the same strange behaviour, or even knows what to do
against this ? Could it be, that the DECserver softwre doesn't like the
TCP/IP stuff on my network very much ? The problems seem to occur mostly
with heavy net load.

So long... Michael