Subject: Re: I'm happy with my new uVax, but ...
To: Dave McGuire <>
From: Puroguramma San <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/15/1999 17:39:26
On 15-Jun-99 Dave McGuire wrote:
>   Is this practical?  I have a source for a huge number of DS200 terminal
> servers...they're getting scrapped by the pallet load now.  If someone can
> write a little OS for them to make them useful, that'd be great!
>   Is it worthwhile to try and disassemble pr0801eng.sys?  Any m68k hackers
> out
> there?
>                  -Dave McGuire

::Raising hand:: 
Well i have hacked a bit of 68k code :) I am working on "finding" more hardware
information on the DS200. I was looking at writing something to teach them to
talk IP and to handle the serial ports. So if you wanna ship me one of those
there pallets ;) i am sure we can get something done :) (I have one on hand and
an working with a simulator to get the pr0801eng.sys file decoded for hardware

At Your Service,
E-Mail: Puroguramma San <>
Date: 15-Jun-99
Time: 17:35:39

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