Subject: Re: Booting Vax from tape
To: Chuck McManis <>
From: Jan Mueller <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/15/1999 15:04:49
At 14:18 12.06.99 -0700, you wrote:
>you need to type 
>	boot netbsd.gz
>its a compressed executable.

No, this doesn't seem to work, same error
as i described in the first message.

The miniroot-tape tries to 
> boot netbsd
> boot netbsd.gz
> boot netbsd.old
> boot gennetbsd
all resulting in
boot failed: unknown error: code 32768037

Booting with the -d switch doesn't change anything.
I've checked the MD5 sum of the miniroot.fs
(from and it was o.k.

I think William Gnadt describes a similar problem
in the thread "Floppy booting NetBSD 1.4 on VS3100/30".

Was anyone successful using the miniroot.fs ?

Thanks for help, Jan.