Subject: Re: I'm happy with my new uVax, but ...
To: Puroguramma San <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/14/1999 18:21:03
Hi !

> This sounds like something more up my alley (written some pc bootloaders and
> such) I can get access to a couple of DECservers without much problem. If I am
> remembering right they are only capable of a max of 19.2Kbps (great for a
> terminal room but not much for a dialin server.) I do know that they mop boot
> so maybe a mini version of IOS? I guess it is time to liberate one from the
> stockpiles and see about getting it up and booting :) Anyone have any handy
> info to get me started with ? Like maybe the mop file format ?

The DECserver 200/MC which i have, does the bootstrap from my Linux box
running "mopd", as all the VAXen do. This type of terminal server has
modem control lines (the /MC means that), and if i remember right, it can
drive up to 38.4 KBps. Too less for 8 33.6KBps-modems, but enough to
control a pile of VAXstations with a VXT 2000+.
The original file "PR0801ENG.SYS" only knows about LAT, a DEC proprietary
protocol, so you need either VMS or other hardware being able to handle
LAT services.
I was planning to write a little OS for it knowing of TCP/IP to put those
8 ports onto TCP port 3001-3008 and a port 3000 for configuration or such
stuff, but i have absolutely no hardware info. A stripped NetBSD- or
minix-kernel would do nice jobs here.
CPU is a MC 68000 with 8 MHz, and i think it had something of 256 KB RAM.

That's all i know about it, if you need the bootfile (copyrighted
software), it can be found somewhere  on a Ultrix/VAX CD-ROM, and i have
seen it on some ftp-server with FTPsearch (, just
enable "case insensitive glob search" and enter "pr0801eng.sys", if you
are lucky, you can still find it :-)

so long... michael