Subject: Re: fstab: explanation?
To: None <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/14/1999 01:46:01
> BTW: Not that it really matters but the "classical" way of partitioning
> a disk (eg. ra0, 'a' to 'h' denoting the 8 possible partitions) would be
> 	ra0a		for first/boot partition
> 	ra0b		for swap [optional]
> 	ra0c		for the complete disk
> 	ra0d		for the *BSD part of disk (usually the same as 'c')
> 	ra0[e-h]	for additional partitions/filesystems [optional]
Some comments on this:
The root filesystem must be the first filesystem on the disk. Not 
necessarily "a" partition, but it must start at sector 0. (So that the
boot blocks finds the "boot" program).
The "c" partition must always be the whole disk. It is hardcoded.
The "d" partition isn't applicable at all on NetBSD/vax, it is only used
on machines with a DOS disklabel also.

-- Ragge