Subject: Re: fstab: explanation?
To: None <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/13/1999 18:51:57
As Ragge points out, only a and c are critical, there was a guy at Sun a
looong time ago who suggested: (doen't mean anything, just stuck with me
for some reason)

	/dev/xxxa	- root		*historical*
	/dev/xxxb	- swap		*historical*
	/dev/xxxc	- everything	*historical*
	/dev/xxxd	- /var		"data"
	/dev/xxxe	- /export	"things you share to the net"
	/dev/xxxg	- /usr		"general usage"
	/dev/xxxh	- /home		"user directories living on this server"

My current fstab on a 660MB ESDI drive is something like:
	/dev/ra0a 	/		(32 MB)
	/dev/ra0b	swap		(64 MB)
	/dev/ra0g	/usr		(128 MB)
	/dev/ra0h	/export		(the rest)

The second ESDI drive is mounted on /usr/src but it still isn't as large as
I would like so I'll probably switch to NFS mounting /src from the PC.