Subject: Re: fstab: explanation?
To: Bertram Barth <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/13/1999 23:22:55
> > This is a typical fstab:
> > /dev/ra0a                       /       nfs     rw,auto 1 1

> I wouldn't name that "typical" ;-)
> The fs-type for /dev/ra0a should read "ffs" instead of "nfs".

Oops... Ok, i did some copy-paste actions, 'cause my configs are not
"typical" enough usually :-)
> BTW: Not that it really matters but the "classical" way of partitioning
> a disk (eg. ra0, 'a' to 'h' denoting the 8 possible partitions) would be
> 	ra0a		for first/boot partition
> 	ra0b		for swap [optional]
> 	ra0c		for the complete disk
> 	ra0d		for the *BSD part of disk (usually the same as 'c')
> 	ra0[e-h]	for additional partitions/filesystems [optional]

This is nice to know. Often asked, no one knows a real answer about it. I
always did the a-b-c stuff and continued at d with other partitions. So it
is in my DECstation. The MV II will be re-installed soon due to bigger
disks now.

so long.. Michael