Subject: Re: Tapes & Floppies: 1.4Vax
To: Bruce Lane <>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/13/1999 12:39:10
On Sun, 13 Jun 1999, Bruce Lane wrote:

> 	I just finished the base build on my MicroVAX II last night --
> which, BTW, would have been impossible without the welcome assistance
> of various listmembers, including Chuck McManis, Michael Kukat, and
> Paul Sawyer; thanks, guys!
> 	Anyway, I've run into something I'm not sure how to deal with.
> Specifically, I cannot access the second tape drive. It's a SCSI unit,
> installed on the tape side of my Sigma RQD11S (which handles both disk
> and tape drives on one board), but the host adapter makes it look like
> Just Another TMSCP Drive (in this case, mub0 to DEC or /dev/rrmt1 to
> NetBSD).
> 	When I try to check it with mt -f /dev/rrmt1 status, I get back 'Device
> not Configured.'
> 	This doesn't make sense to me, especially since I used ./MAKEDEV
> all when I built the system. Can someone please tell me:
> 	(a), What gives?

Assuming that this tape drive shows up on a second controller (a second
TMSCP controller)... the GENERIC kernel is only compiled with support for
one TMSCP controller.

> 	and...
> 	(b), How do I correct it? I really need the system to see that
>            additional drive.

I think a change to the kernel config file and a kernel recompile should
work for you.  This will take a very long while on a MicroVAX II, so I'll
volunteer to compile a kernel for you on a slightly faster machine.  Is it
okay to e-mail large-ish attachements to you? (around 1Meg or so).  

Do you know of any way to get the CSR from your Sigma controller? I'll
need this info to correctly compile in support for a second controller.  
I suppose I can make an educated guess where it would be located based on
the CSRs normally used for secondary controllers.

> 	Failing that, is there a way I can format a floppy to make it
> visible to a Linux box? (Red Hat 5.2), or format a floppy on the Linux
> box to make it visible to the VAX? The system does see the floppy
> drives at least.

John Wilson has some useful utils for formatting and copying RX50 (and
RX33) diskettes under MS-DOS.  See and  I've been able to get them up and running under
DOSEMU under Linux.

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