Subject: Re: Tapes & Floppies: 1.4Vax
To: Bruce Lane <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/13/1999 12:46:42
Hi Bruce,

Congrats on getting your system up. Now you get to try something new :-)

The problem is that the generic kernel is configured to only recognize one
tape drive, and to use two tape drives you will have to build a new kernel.
To do that you copy this file:

There is a set of lines that read:
# Tape drivers
mtc0            at uba? csr 0174500     # Tape MSCP ctlr
mscpbus*        at mtc?

You will need to add the lines:
mtc1            at uba? csr 017?????     # Second Tape MSCP ctlr

Fill in the CSR with the csr of your RQ11 board. 

Now type 'config BRUCEVAX' and it you will get a new directory
../compile/BRUCEVAX/ which you can cd to and then type 'make' and it will
build a new kernel that supports two tape drives. Or I could build one for
you if you would like, I've be hacking on the db_machdep code and am now
quite adept at breaking kernels :-)


At 11:54 AM 6/13/99 -0700, Bruce Lane wrote:
>>	(b), How do I correct it? I really need the system to see that additional