Subject: I'm happy with my new uVax, but ...
To: NetBSD \"Port-VAX\" Mailing List <>
From: Douglas S. Meade <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/13/1999 09:27:05
I just picked up a Microvax II at Terrapin Traders last week, and I'd
like to eventually get it up and running with NetBSD.  It's in the 
BA123 enclosure, and I've been able to make out the following cards:

Slot Card ID  Rev
==== ======= ====
1    M7606-AE  A1     CPU
2    M7608-BA  B2     Is this memory?
3    M9407            Grant continuity card
4    M7504     J4     DEQNA Ethernet card
5      empty
6    M7555     D2     M7546 H3     (RQDX3 controller & TQK50)

From the diagram on the outside case, it appears that there was once
a M3104 D1 (DHV11 communication card) in slot 5.

My first problem, not a minor one, is that the power supply appears
to be dead.  After carefully marking the power connectors, I removed
the power supply from the chassis, and plugged it in and hit the
switch again, and the fan doesn't even come on.

Hardware guys -- what's my best bet now?  Look for some more uVaxen
to combine parts, or can this power supply be economically repaired?
I've got a buddy in the Physics department who says they have one 
old dead one they may be willing to let go of (I hope it doesn't 
have the same problem!)

Assuming I do get the power on, how about the apparently pulled 
card in slot 5?  Should I move the cards in slot 6 to slot 5.  
I read somewhere that the cards need to be continuous, but I 
also don't know if there's something "magic" about the disk and 
tape controllers being in slot 6.

Also, I'm sad to say that there had been a TK50 in this chassis, 
but it was also apparently pulled.

Any help or other friendly comments are welcome.