Subject: Re: Vaxstation 4000 VLC
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/10/1999 07:23:16
Hi !

> 	I picked up a Vaxstation 4000 VLC yesterday..
> >From what I've seen of it, it impresses me greatly, especially the speed of loading the netbsd kernel..
> (-:
> Especially in comparison to my 3100 M30!

About 2.5 times the speed. (2.8 vs 6.2 VUPs)

> Does anyone know the keyboard setting to use in the console with an LK401 keyboard ?

If you mean according to NetBSD - no matter, the graphic console is not yet

> Does the serial console use the MMJ port or the DB25 port by default ? I hope it  is the DB25!
> Is there anyway of changing which port is used ?
> Is there any support for the VLC video console ?

No, serial console on VAXstations is the printer port, the MMJ connector. With
the switch S3 at the right side you can select between serial and graphic

> What is the staus of the VLC SCSI support ?

I didn't it so far, because someone is already working on the 53c94 for the
VAXstation 4000 m60. Don't know how far it is for now, but i think, it doesnt
work yet.

so long... Michael