Subject: Re: Vax 4000-200 (sorry about previous markup message)
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/09/1999 17:52:51
> It's the same CPU as the VS 4000 VLC has, and maybe there are 
> some other things similar to the VAX 4000/300. I would say: 
> just a little change in the sources to do MTPR consio like the
> VAX 4000/300 and with a little luck, it should run.

IIRC when you were doing the VLC I gave you the Bcache info based on the KA660
(VAX 4000-200) tech manual so the CPU support and memory subsystem stuff should
all be there.

> Maybe you need a QBUS ethernet adapter, as long as the 
> internal stuff is not implemented.

The ethernet is SGEC and the DSSI subsystem is SHAC.

> Questions:
> Which network chip does it have ? SGEC or AMD LANCE ? What's 
> it's base address,
> where can i find the etherner address ROM, where is the TOY clock ?

The TOC (I know you asked about KA670 originally, but I forgot ... I'll dig
that up tomorrow) is IPR 27, which is clocked every 10ms since it was last set
i.e. it doesn't record the date just how long since it was last set.

As I'm reading anyway ...

The Boot and Diagnostic register lives at 0x20084004 onwards (it is apparently
unique to the KA660 so don't do this on VLC).

bits 31:24	- NI address
bit 23		- halt enable
bit 22:20	- baud rate (300/600/1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400)
bit 19:18	- 0
bit 17:16	- Boot and diag code: 0 = run, 1 = language enquiry etc.
bit 15:13	- DSSI ID
bit 12		- remote boot enable
bit 11:0	- all 1s

Diag LED register at 0x20140020 bits 3:0

NVRAM at 0x20140400-0x201407FF (longword access only?)

SSC Config Register at 0x200140010; bit 31 is BLO which indicates that a
battery low condition has occurred and the TOY will have been cleared at
powerup. To reset the condition write a 1 to this bit.

The SGEC chapter is a little too long to type here (50 pages). Sorry.