Subject: Re: Vax 4000-200 (sorry about previous markup message)
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/09/1999 22:16:21
Hi !

> Question: what would it take to add support for VAX 4000 model 200 support
> if I had the docs? I will be in possession of the following manuals very
> soon:
> EK-436AB-IN (VAX 4000 model 200 manual)
> EK-396AB-TM (VAX 4000 model 200 tech manual)
> EK-KA660-TM (VAX 4000 model 200 CPU tech manual)
> I have one 4000/200 and will soon be in possession of another, and I'd love
> to get NetBSD running on them (i.e. willing to bribe/pay a dowery/sell
> eternal soul)

It's the same CPU as the VS 4000 VLC has, and maybe there are some other things
similar to the VAX 4000/300. I would say: just a little change in the sources
to do MTPR consio like the VAX 4000/300 and with a little luck, it should run.
Maybe you need a QBUS ethernet adapter, as long as the internal stuff is not


Which network chip does it have ? SGEC or AMD LANCE ? What's it's base address,
where can i find the etherner address ROM, where is the TOY clock ?

And i need the outputs of:

EX /I 3E
EX /P 20040004
EX /P 20020000

With all these info, i could try to get it running. Don't have such a box, but
for now, i had good success with 4000 series and could just try it out.

so long... Michael