Subject: Still a problem in booting from floppy
To: emanuel stiebler <>
From: Lehle Wolf <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/09/1999 08:16:36

Thank you very much for your quick respond, but ...

Here is the part of the installtion description:

Fetch the bootable miniroot image from 
      and gunzip it. It is a 1.2MB bootable image that will boot from any
floppy of size 1.2MB and bigger. Note that you cannot install from RX50
floppies due to the small size. This may change in the

      All floppies except RX50 uses a standardized format for storing data
so writing the miniroot to the floppy can be done on any PC. From DOS the
preferred way to do this is using RAWRITE.EXE.

If I interpret it correctly, this means one can use any floppy, which has
enough capacity of holding the 1.2MB boot file (includes my 1.44 MB
DOS-formatted one) !

But there's also something wrong with this description: There's no
.../NetBSD-1.4/vax/miniroot/miniroot.gz. Instead you find there a
"miniroot.fs", which is also used for booting from a tape (Unfortunaltely I
don't own one). In spite of that, I think the file may be used for booting
from a floppy.