Subject: Re: All right... how in blazes...
To: Bruce Lane <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/08/1999 09:28:30
Hi Bruce,

Known good answer:
>	Also, which sets go in /, and which sets get unpacked in /usr? I would
>wager that kern.tgz, and maybe one or two other small ones, get unpacked
>from the / directory, and all the others get unpacked from /usr, but I'm
>not sure about much of anything at this point.

They all untar from the target root directory, when I netinstall a system I
mount the local drive on /a and the local user partition on /a/usr then do:
# foreach i (*.tgz)
> gzip -dc $i | (cd /a ; tar -xpf - )
> echo $i done.
> end

As for the tape I'm not sure how it was written, if it was written with
each tgz file appended to the tape (with file marks between them) then I
would guess the command would be 
	cd /	<-- or where you've mounted your disks as above
	tar --unlink -xzvp -f /dev/nrmt8
	tar --unlink -xzvp -f /dev/nrmt8
	repeating the tar commands until you get an error.
tar in that case would take each file and untar it. If in fact the tape had
been created with an archive of the sets, then I would expect you would
have to first use
	tar -xvpf /dev/nrmt8	# transfer sets to the current directoyr
	foreach i (*.tgz) ...	# untar sets from the local directory on to the disk.

Without knowing how the tape was created I can't give you much advice.