Subject: Problem in booting from Floppy
To: None <>
From: Lehle Wolf <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/08/1999 08:25:32
My system is a VaxStation 3100 M38 with a RX23A floppy drive, 212 MB hard
24 MB RAM and a CD-ROM. For installing purpose I use the standard monochrome
graphics as
stated in your installation procedure.
Also I followed all steps in creating a bootable floppy. I downloaded the
miniroot image (miniroot.fs 1,232,750 bytes) and wrote it to a 1,44 MB
floppy disk by using the DOS-program rawrite.exe.
The next step was the boot procedure: I inserted the floppy and typed "b
dka500" on the VaxStation
(boot monitor mode, after reset), but the result was only the message: "84
(DKA500 is the device name of my floppy drive on the VaxStation)

That's the point, where I need support.

I tried several floppies and different VaxStations, but the result was the
Perharps I use the wrong floppy drive type ? The boot-monitor displays a
size of 1,47 MB
for the RX23-drive, if a formatted floppy is inserted (The formating was
done with
"test 76"). Also, the VMS tells me that the drive has a capacity of 2855
(hopefully the block size is 512 bytes). This seems to be sufficient to me.
But what
is wrong, I'm really desperated.