Subject: All right... how in blazes...
To: None <>
From: Bruce Lane <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/07/1999 23:00:10 I unpack the sets from the TK50 tape Emanuel sent me?

	Quick recap since this is CC'd to the list. MicroVAX II, attempting to
install NetBSD 1.4 from TK50's. Successfully booted the miniroot, set up
the system disk, and am now trying to unpack the sets to it.

	Once again, the instructions in the current installation FAQ (written
about two years ago) and the current version (1.4) have little in common.
The FAQ says that:

	tar --unlink -xvfp /dev/nrmt8/(filename, minus parentheses)

	should work. It does not, however. After running through the entire tape,
tar spits back:

	WARNING -- these patterns not matched.


	...and fails to extract anything.

	Since the set files are .tgz extensions, I'm assuming that they're
tarballs compressed with gzip. This would seem to require a command such as:

	tar xvfz [archive] [destination]

	Or, in this case: tar --unlink xvfz /dev/nrmt8/kern.tgz /mnt

	Yet, none of these work. 

	What the fsck am I doing wrong? I am one miserable step away from having a
functioning system, and being able to turn my lab notes into the basis for
a brand new installation FAQ so some other poor slob doesn't have to go
through what I've been through.

	Also, which sets go in /, and which sets get unpacked in /usr? I would
wager that kern.tgz, and maybe one or two other small ones, get unpacked
from the / directory, and all the others get unpacked from /usr, but I'm
not sure about much of anything at this point.

	Thanks in advance.

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