Subject: Soooo close...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/07/1999 09:31:43
	I'm so darn close to getting a base install done, I can taste it...

	Here's where I'm at so far. The system drive (Micropolis 1588, 
emulating an RA81 thanks to the SCSI board) has been 
disklabeled and newfs'd. It has also been bootblocked with 
newfs -B ra0.

	Question: newfs reported that some sectors remained 
unallocated for each partition (a, b, c, and g) that I set up. Is this 
normal? If not, what did I do wrong?

	Next question: I'm trying to figure out what the name of the 1.4 
kernel is (I thought it was still netbsd.gz, but no such luck) so I can 
copy it to the system disk and try to boot from it instead of the 
tape. However, I've not had any luck tracking it down as yet.

	It appears that the /boot directory contains lots of files that may 
or may not be required to boot 1.4, and I was thinking about 
copying the whole thing to / on the system drive, but that's about 
the time my vision started blurring from a long day's efforts.

	Any thoughts? It's driving me nuts to think that after I get done 
with this one miserable step, I can partition the second drive and 
start installing the sets.

	Thanks much, esp. to Emanuel, Paul Sawyer, and Mike Kukat.