Subject: Problem reviving VS3100/M30
To: None <>
From: Obsidian <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/07/1999 01:12:58
Hello Vaxen-lovers (like me ;-),

I've got a problem reviving an old VS3100/M30 I have sitting here. It ran
NetBSD 1.3 last year, but since I moved I can't get it to talk to me

If I remember rightly I've got to move that little switch on the back part
of the machine to down position and then connect a serial terminal to the
printer port. But every combination of switches and serial and printer
ports gave no output on my terminal (BTW, thats minicom 1.81 for now).

Are those red LEDs on the back a help for diagnostics? I've already
removed the 8-plane card. What next?

I'd be grateful for any help!