Subject: Halfway home, still need a nudge...
To: <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/05/1999 18:50:01
> Hi, folks,
>       Well, thanks to more help from Emanuel, I got a little farther. Turns 
> that the error I was getting was popping up because 1.4 does not,
> apparently, like the graphics console (QDSS board set). The error vanished
> the moment I pulled said set.
>       However, Emanuel says he doesn't know where to go from the boot prompt.
> What I have is the NetBSD banner, and it just sits there until I press a
> key to abort the autoboot. At that point, I'm rewarded with a single
> chevron prompt.
>       Where do I go from there? The 'Nboot' and : prompt referenced in the FAQ
> on Ragge's machine ( never appears, and the one command
> that appears to be useful is 'boot.' I've tried a couple of variants, but
> no joy just yet.
>       While waiting for a response, I'm going to do as Emanuel suggested and 
> booting the 1.3.2 tape.

I was able to boot the 1.4 miniroot from where you are at using the command

boot netbsd.gz -d

the -d flag seems to be necessary, but doesn't seem to affect anything.
If you make a mistake with the command, I have found that it is better to
restart the boot process from the begining, as the tape system can get
confused trying to read the fs on the tape after even a single failure to
find the file you were

Good Luck,

Paul Sawyer