Subject: Re: Halfway home, still need a nudge...
To: Bruce Lane <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/05/1999 19:17:32
Hi !

> 	However, Emanuel says he doesn't know where to go from the boot prompt.
> What I have is the NetBSD banner, and it just sits there until I press a
> key to abort the autoboot. At that point, I'm rewarded with a single
> chevron prompt.

There you can enter "boot netbsd", or instead of pressing "any" key, just
press enter, this will break the countdown, which is not working on some
machines, and continues standard bootstrap (which is "boot netbsd" :-)

> 	Where do I go from there? The 'Nboot' and : prompt referenced in the FAQ
> on Ragge's machine ( never appears, and the one command
> that appears to be useful is 'boot.' I've tried a couple of variants, but
> no joy just yet.

Maybe ragge has the old syntax. This version of the booter has a kind of
"commands", the older one just did know about boot, you had to enter the
device and kernel name (for example ra(0)netbsd or so)

Good luck with this...

so long.. Michael