Subject: 1.4 on TK50 wanted
To: None <>
From: Bruce Lane <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/03/1999 07:37:59
	Despite the fact that netbooting has been successful for me, I would still
like to get the VAX port of 1.4 on a TK50 cartridge. However, for whatever
reason, I'm unable to effectively transfer 1.4's miniroot.fs file to said

	I don't know whether to blame my drive (TK50Z-GA) or my Linux box (Red Hat
5.2), but the end result is the same: A file that shouldn't take more than
a minute or two to write takes nearly 15 minutes of the tape drive sawing
back and forth, and my VAXen won't boot from the newly-produced tape.

	Question: Is there ANYone on the list who is willing and able to, if I
send them a TK50 cartridge, put 1.4/VAX on the thing for me?

	Thanks in advance.

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