Subject: ESDI on uVAXII
To: None <>
From: Joop Carels <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/03/1999 16:23:10
I'm just trying this again...

Sometimes, when I get into a bout of free time and suicidal tendencies, I
have this uVAX-II I fire up and fiddle with. This has once more occurred and
I very quickly resort to dark thoughts and depressing moods.

Does anybody have info on getting ESDI disks running properly on the
uVAX-II? It seems to recognize the controller, but when I try to disklabel
the disks, it reports that the disks don't have a valid architecture?
(It reports no cylinders??)

Even if I force it to the specs I've found on the disks, it just refuses to
write to them. Can this be a wiring problem?

The NetBSD/VAX FAQ/README reports that a Dilog ESDI card is supported,
although mine is one type later (I think). The DQ686. As mentioned above,
NetBSD 1.3 reports the controller found, but doesn't want to properly access
the disks.An old friend of mine whom I sadly lost contact with once got some
info with which he wrote a hack/patch that at least caused the system to
access the disks in a fairly acceptable way.

Sadly his hacks were lost and NetBSD 1.3 and 1.4 are considerably different
from the 1.2 I guess.

It would be nice to get those ESDI's running, since they're considerable
larger than the MFM disks...

Some help, please...

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