Subject: VAXstation 4000 VLC netboots !
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/28/1999 16:01:36
Hi again.

I was trying out many things with the NetBSD-booter since yesterday
evening. (Due to many of compilation runs i can say: The VAXstation 3100
m76 runs stable with the current sources and 990101-kernel).

Here is the result:

The VAXstation 4000 VLC (KA43), board ID 14000004 needs following
changes in the booter to do something useful:

consio.c, line 165: The case "VAX_BTYP_440", which is 14000004, needs to
be placed in the VAX_BTYP_46-block for the correct ROM-conio-routines:

        case VAX_BTYP_46:
        case VAX_BTYP_440:
                put_fp = rom_putchar;
                get_fp = rom_getchar;
                rom_putc = 0x20040068;
                rom_getc = 0x20040054;

autoconf.c, line 168: The VAX_TYP_SOC needs to be filled with the
i/o-mapping procedure of the KA46 (otherwise lance cannot be
initialized, csr0=8881 (memory error)):

        case VAX_TYP_SOC: 
                switch (vax_boardtype) {
                case VAX_BTYP_440: {
                        int *map, i;
                        /* Map all 16MB of I/O space to low 16MB of
memory */
                        map = (int *)0x700000; /* XXX */
                        *(int *)0x20080008 = (int)map; /* XXX */
                        for (i = 0; i < 0x8000; i++)
                                map[i] = 0x80000000 | i;

This is tested and works with my 4000 VLC. If you want to try out the
booter yourself, i put it into
This file is compatible with the mopd under Linux.

One thing to say: It MAY be, that this booter doesn't run with
VAXstation 3100 m{30/40}, if someone has such boxes, it would be nice to
try it out.
(According to the sid.h, the 4000/30 (VLC) has the same board type like
the VS 3100 m30/40).

BTW: I compiled the booter with DHCP/BOOTP-support. BOOTPARAMS doesn't
work ! If someone needs the BOOTPARAMS version and can't compile it by
own, just send me a mail, i'll compile it and upload it to my website.
(I have bootp running, because linux and windows uses it nice. :-)

Dont expect too much, the 990101-kernel halts after loading :-)

Have fun and tell me results. (...still more info needed about the

cu.. Michael