Subject: Re: DM02 firmware and an idea of firmware repository...
To: Schaffer Andras <>
From: Jim Bender <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/26/1999 13:20:00
On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Schaffer Andras wrote:

> >
> >> Hello Fans,
> >>
> >> I'v got an Emulex DM02 ESDI controller with a corruped EPROM. Can
> somebody
> >> send me an image file (or Intel HEX) of the contents fo this eprom ?
> >>
> >> Any help will be appreciated,
> >
> >I have a couple DM02's laying around....  If my eprom burner is still
> working
> >I would be happy to make an image of it for you.
> That would be great...
> >
> >Failing that, if you or someone else are capable of copying or reading the
> >rom I could make it available... as long as I get it back  :-)
> Of course, but leave this solution as the last chance.
> On other way.. i'm thinking on a web site with firmware repository for VAX
> machines and controllers, but i'm afraid of copyright issues. Is it possible
> to put (for example) a VaxStation 2000 rom image on the web, without
> violating copyright ?

Well, my take on the situation would be that if you own the card, you are
entitled to the ROM code that runs on it.    And of course, since the 
ROM code is completely useless without the card, there can only be one
possible use for it--  installing in the appropriate card/system.

I don't see how this could be a problem.   I believe several
companys still make the ROM code available for download on their
website.  CMD leaps to mind as an outfit still doing this.

Now, reverse engineering it and generating human readable listings
of it would likely get some lawyers excited if it were distributed
over the net.

> Thanks,
>                 Andras