Subject: DM02 firmware and an idea of firmware repository...
To: Jim Bender <>
From: Schaffer Andras <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/26/1999 10:17:05
>> Hello Fans,
>> I'v got an Emulex DM02 ESDI controller with a corruped EPROM. Can
>> send me an image file (or Intel HEX) of the contents fo this eprom ?
>> Any help will be appreciated,
>I have a couple DM02's laying around....  If my eprom burner is still
>I would be happy to make an image of it for you.

That would be great...

>Failing that, if you or someone else are capable of copying or reading the
>rom I could make it available... as long as I get it back  :-)

Of course, but leave this solution as the last chance.

On other way.. i'm thinking on a web site with firmware repository for VAX
machines and controllers, but i'm afraid of copyright issues. Is it possible
to put (for example) a VaxStation 2000 rom image on the web, without
violating copyright ?