Subject: VS2K and NetBSD and SCSI and MFM
To: None <>
From: Schaffer Andras <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/25/1999 18:37:03
Hello NetBSD fans,

About 3 weeks ago I acquired a VS2K from a friend. When I opened it, saw
only lots of dust and dirt, but after a careful cleaning i realized the
12Meg ram and a 4plane graphic card in it.
I dug out a TEAC floppy drive and an ST251-1 drive from my closet and
installed them into PiciVAX. (The word pici means something like tiny or
weeny in hungarian.)

After that, I looked for some operaing system. I found NetBSD and downloaded
the bootfloppy and miniroot image for -current.

After booting I made a sad discovery, the -current kernel does not recognize
MFM devices. :-( So my first question is ; why and when it will ? Or i just
missed something ?

And I also made a happy discovery. The SCSI bus IS supported in the -current
kernel. It found SCSI bus (ncr0, and 8 targets) found my 300Megs Seagate
thingy on it, and even can disklabel, newfs and mount it. The only sad thing
is the speed, it's painfully slooooow. Is it by design or just some bugs ?

I also tried to put an SCSI CD-ROM *Sony CDU-561* to the bus. The kernel
recognized it as /dev/cd0 but when i try to mount, i get an "operation not
supported: message (of course with mount_cd9660) with mount_ffs i got
"invalid superblock" which is sounds correct. Is it by designt or i just
missed something ?

That's all for now, but more to come...

                Andras Schaffer

Ps. Please forgive my poor english. :)