Subject: Problem after Netbooting my VAX with a Linux-Box
To: '' <>
From: KH/LAV Operator <Operator.KH/>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/25/1999 09:11:54
The last Week-end I have resolved the Netbooting Problem with a Linux-Box
via mopd (Thanks to Michael), but after Booting setting IP-Adresses ,loading
NetBSD and probabily scanning the SCSI-Hardrives(I hear when they starts), I
can't do anything on my MicroVAX 3100 (KA41-A CPU).
I think that the netbsd is loaded (on the console is 'netbsd:' print) but
I type on the console (the same with that I boot manually, the first serial
connection on the rear on the VAX) has no effect.

What is happened there?