Subject: Re: hardware problem
To: Paul <>
From: Bryan A. Ignatow <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/23/1999 07:28:04

At 23:29 2/22/99 +0000, Paul wrote:
>i have a vaxstation3100 (it says model number "VS42A-BC" on the back)
>which is doing some odd things with regards to its disks. it has a pair of
>100mb RZ23 disks on seperate controllers. the problem is that the built in
>BIOS seems to think that each disk exists on every SCSI ID of its
>controller. the cut-n-pasted boot bit below shows the result of "show dev"
>which illustrates the problem. iirc, dka100 and dkb100 should be there and
>nothing else. is this a hardware problem, or something being a bit special
>in the BIOS? (do they call it a BIOS in the vax? if not, apologies for
>using the wrong terminology). any ideas? it would be nice to mend this so
>i can get NetBSD installed on the disks - NFS root is painfully slow.

I've seen this happen when two disks or the SCSI controller and a single
disk are set to the same SCSI ID.  Since you seem to indicate that you have
one disk per chain, I would guess that they are (a) conflicting with their
SCSI controllers (the usual default on VAXes is for the controller to be
set to 6, but they are adjustable from the boot prom), or (b) you have a
controller or drive electronics failure (also possible, but less likely IMHO).

You'll have to dig through the FAQ or some other source for the exact
command to check and reset the controller ID (which is usually higher that
any other devices, giving it a higher (better) priority when it comes to
SCSI interrupt negotiations).  Try the HELP or SET commands (SET SCSI seems
to come to mind) for more information.

Hope this helps,

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