Subject: Re: UC07 configuration info needed...
To: Schaffer Andras <>
From: Arno Griffioen <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/20/1999 18:28:19
> Recently I'v got an Emluex UC07 SCSI controller for my uVAX II (yes i'm
> lucky ;-).
> The problem is; lack of docs. I found switch settings, but did not found
> anything about the other parts of configuration process.
> When I put it into my VAX, the sho dev command shows two disks on it (DUB0,
> DUB1) but there is no disks on it! (The pervious user of this board has two
> disks on it)
> Is there some "magic" numbers and commands to get some setup program like on
> a DM02 ? And is this board supported by NetBSD/Vax ?

Yes, it's supported. It talks MSCP to the VAX, so that's no problem.

The UC07 can be configure to use either disks or tapes, but _not_
at the same time. (the UC08 has 2 SCSI controllers for that purpose..)

It has an on-board diag/setup program. Here's how to access

>>> I
>>> D/P/W 20001F40 20
>>> D/P/L 20088000 80000000
>>> D/P/L 20088004 80000001
>>> D/P/W 2000XXXX 1
>>> D/P/W 2000YYYY 3003
>>> D/P/W 2000YYYY 4401
>>> S 80

XXXX and YYYY are offsets depending on the address of the controller.

Address          XXXX       YYYY
17772150         1468       146A
17772154         146C       146E
17760334         00DC       00DE
17760340         00E0       00E2
17760344         00E4       00E6
17760350         00E8       00EA
17760354         00EC       00EE
17760360         00F0       00F2
17760364         00F4       00F6
17760370         00F8       00FA
17760374         00FC       00FE
17760400         0100       0102
17760404         0104       0106
17760410         0108       010A
17760414         010C       010E
17760420         0110       0112

Please forgive me if there are any typo's

I have an UC07in my 3600 and it works great. I just had a 
small problem with an IBM DORS SCSI drive. It would be detected
OK and I could set it up with the diagnostics, but the VAX wouldn't
boot from it. It seemed like some initialisation problem of the UC07 
and the IBM drive.

I swapped it with a HP drive and this works fine.

								Bye Arno.

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