Subject: Re: Trouble Netbooting NetBSD/VAX
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/18/1999 22:36:44
Hi !

> I have a uVAX II with a DELQA and I'm using the latest snapshot I could
> find (kernel date was 1998-12-19).  I can't seem to get the kernel to 
> nfs mount my root disk.  It is using the wrong netmask when doing broadcasts,
> which might be part of the problem:
> Any thoughts?

As i know, there is a newer kernel in the current snapshot (01-01-99 or so).
The only problem could be the network address (don't know how NetBSD gets the
netmask with rarp...), if you have the possibility to run multicast on yout
boot server, just try giving it a private class-C address (196.168...), so it
runs in my network. The VAX must have an address out of this network, so it
could work (only if NetBSD figures out the netmask from the IP address)
The only file to set up the netmask in my network is in bootptab for the
booter, but the kernel uses RARP.

> Another question:  Is it possible to boot from a TK50/70 and use nfs as
> the root?  I don't want to mess up my VMS disk.

Just compile the kernel with the networked root, and it should run. I only had
running /usr on the local hard disk in a netbooted system yet. (VAXstation

I hope, i could help you. Ragge surely knows more, i should have a look into
the sources to find out how it gets the netmask.

Cu, Michael