Subject: VS3100 Boot Trouble: Part II
To: <>
From: Al Wold <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/12/1999 08:54:05
Ok, thanks everyone for the help getting the bootup to work.  I could
actually see the kernel loading and everything once I put it on the 3rd
port with the "Secret master switch".  The only problem is, when it asks
me what shell to run, I discover the keyboard on my VT420 is not working.  
On the back of the VAX, the terminal lights have all turned off at this point.  If anyone knows what may be the cause of this, let me know.  

I'll also mess around a bit more and hook it up to a peecee, and let 
everyone know if I get it to work...I'm seriously considering writing a 
little howto if I get this all up and running in the end.


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