Subject: Re: Vaxserver 3100 boot trouble
To: None <>
From: Al Wold <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/11/1999 16:27:58
Well, according to the hardware guide, it says the VAXserver is supported, so I don't know.  There are three MMJ ports on mine and a DB25...I tried hooking up to the DB25 over null modem, but there was nothing there.  The machine did make some beeps and hard drive spins after stopping.  Not sure if that means anything.

Tomas Schönfeldt wrote:

> >I am trying to netboot a vaxserver 3100 ka41-e from a linux box, and am having
> >trouble.  It seems to work fine until it gets the image loaded, then it just stops where
> >the kernel would normally load.  In the netboot howto it mentions that this would occur
> >if I had a graphics console, but this is through an MMJ port on a VT420.  I also
> >noticed that it did not seem to mount the NFS volume that has the kernel.  If anyone
> >has any ideas or more info about this machine, let me know.
> Well, I won't be much of a help. I can only tell you that I ran into exactly the same trouble trying to boot my vaxserver 3100. There is some difference between the vaxserver 3100 and the vaxstation 3100 m10. And so I draw the conclusion that vaxservers aren't supported by netbsd yet. :/  Can someone with more knowlege confirm/deny this?
> Also does someone know if rx23 on scsi is going to be supported as a boot device in the future? It's a lot easier to boot of a floppy than setting up a working netboot linux box...
> / Tomas