Subject: Re: Vaxserver 3100 boot trouble
To: Al Wold <>
From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Tomas_Sch=F6nfeldt?= <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/11/1999 08:29:37
>I am trying to netboot a vaxserver 3100 ka41-e from a linux box, and am =
>trouble.  It seems to work fine until it gets the image loaded, then it =
just stops where
>the kernel would normally load.  In the netboot howto it mentions that =
this would occur=20
>if I had a graphics console, but this is through an MMJ port on a =
VT420.  I also=20
>noticed that it did not seem to mount the NFS volume that has the =
kernel.  If anyone=20
>has any ideas or more info about this machine, let me know.

Well, I won't be much of a help. I can only tell you that I ran into =
exactly the same trouble trying to boot my vaxserver 3100. There is some =
difference between the vaxserver 3100 and the vaxstation 3100 m10. And =
so I draw the conclusion that vaxservers aren't supported by netbsd yet. =
:/  Can someone with more knowlege confirm/deny this?

Also does someone know if rx23 on scsi is going to be supported as a =
boot device in the future? It's a lot easier to boot of a floppy than =
setting up a working netboot linux box...

/ Tomas