Subject: RX50 Teledisk images.
To: NetBSD/vax Mailing List <>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/07/1999 06:26:32
Can someone send me teledisk images of the 1.3.2 NetBSD/vax installation
disks?  Or even just the first disk would be okay.  Also, I could really
use a teledisk image of blank RX50.  I've got some 5.25 floppies, but I
don't have any which are RX50 formatted.  I figure that making copies of a
blank RX50 teledisk image should suffice. 

BTW, Caldera's OpenDOS running under dosemu on Linux is quite nice.  I'm
throwing all my MS-DOS installation media out.  :-)

Brian "JARAI" Chase | | VAXZilla LIVES!!!