Subject: Re: netboting my MicroVax with Linux-Box
To: Christophe <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/30/1999 21:14:32
Hi !

>         Must I have something on my Vax console now or is it well if
> nothing come on console??

The should be something like:
>ESA0 (or whatever your network interface is)

After this, you should get a little message of the

But to speed it up:
the mopd i have (and as i have seen with the time, also others have),
has a bug in file "loop.c"
In funtion loop there is a variable (bufsize or so) unitialized. It is
compared somewhere and set to 64 if it's bigger than 1024 as i remember.
Just initialize it with 64, and the mopd works.

If in doubt, get:

This is a compilation and a little readme for "mopping" linux.
(glibc-compiled binary, runs here since redhat 5.0)

>         Is there a boot command to give on the Vax-console ??

Yepp. Just hit "b" and press enter. If you're lucky, default boot device
is network, otherwise look into "show config" or "show dev" to find out
how your network inferface is named. (VAXstation's lance is "ESA0")

In this case, type "b esa0"

cu, Michael

(PS: wenns nicht hinhaut, einfach kurz mailen an