Subject: Re: netboting my MicroVax with Linux-Box
To: Christophe <>
From: Anders Hogrelius SdU <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/30/1999 14:56:48
On 30 Jan 1999, Christophe wrote:
>     I have read the netbooting-FAQ and have downloaded the mopd-linux and=
 the NetKit files
>     and then I go step for step like the FAQ :
<snip>    =20
>         Must I have something on my Vax console now or is it well if noth=
ing come on console??
>         Is there a boot command to give on the Vax-console ??

Well, you should end up with a prompt that looks like this.


To find out what the devices are, type "sho dev" at the prompt.
After initializing and resetting the devices, you'r VAX should display a
list of the devices. In my VAX i have three disks called DKA0, DKA200 and
DKA500. These are my 500Mb disk, my CD-ROM and my 1Gb disk.
It also shows the network devices available, in my case the Lance Ethernet
controller ESA0.
To boot from a specific device just type b <device>, like "b DKA500" or to
boot from the net "b ESA0" You can also send bootflags when booting.=20
"b/1 ESA0" tells the bootloader to stop and wait for you to give it the
name of the kernel or program to load. You can also type "b/100 ESA0".
Then the bootprom even asks what bootprogram you want to use.

Hope this info helps. You can also type help at the bootprompt.


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