Subject: RE: Sorry : Offers TK50 Cartridges
To: KH/LAV Operator <Operator.KH/>
From: Anders Hogrelius SdU <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/28/1999 22:36:19
On 28 Jan 1999, KH/LAV Operator wrote:
> > =09Thanks for this explanations !
> >=20
> > =09You say that it's possible to boot from another box, I have Linux
> > RedHat5.2
> > =09installed on my PC (AMDK6-PR200). The FAQ is very obscurs about the
> > =09netbooting on the MicroVAX3100. Please tell me what I must download=
> > =09(and at with exactly locations) to netboot with my Linux Box.
> > =09And You mean that I can label my SCSI-Disks by netbooting.

Yepp, i netbooted the VAX from a box that runs NetBSD-i386, and ran
disklabel from the network. The installation documentation most definitely
need some updates, i had to pick up some info here and there to get my
system up and running. It took quite a while to find out why it wasn't
possible to install NetBSD the way described in the Readme's. :-(

> > =09If it's possible please send me a comprehensible Installation
> > =09Documentation.

Check this out, i used this howto when i configurated my PC.


Here's where you can find the MOP-daemon for linux.
You might also want to pick this up.
It contains a bootparam-daemon and some other stuff necessary when
netbooting. You'll probably need the following daemons, rarpd, bootparamd,
mopd, and possibly bootpd, depending on what version of boot you use.

However the first thing you probably should do is to download the
HOWTO mentioned above and print it. Some stuff in it has to be read
more than one time... :-)=20
Try that first, if (when) you get stuck, send me a mail and i'll try
to answer any more specific questions. You'll probably get stuck when
configuring the daemons, but begin with getting mopd up and running,
and take it step by step from there.


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