Subject: RE: Sorry : Offers TK50 Cartridges
To: 'Anders Hogrelius SdU' <>
From: KH/LAV Operator <Operator.KH/>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/28/1999 12:58:15
> Hello Anders,
> 	Thanks for this explanations !
> 	You say that it's possible to boot from another box, I have Linux
> RedHat5.2
> 	installed on my PC (AMDK6-PR200). The FAQ is very obscurs about the
> 	netbooting on the MicroVAX3100. Please tell me what I must download 
> 	(and at with exactly locations) to netboot with my Linux Box.
> 	And You mean that I can label my SCSI-Disks by netbooting.
> 	If it's possible please send me a comprehensible Installation
> Documentation   [KH/LAV Operator]  	 to netboot, labelled and install
> the NetBSD !!!
	[KH/LAV Operator]  

> 	 [KH/LAV Operator]