Subject: Re: Sorry : Offers TK50 Cartridges
To: KH/LAV Operator <Operator.KH/>
From: Anders Hogrelius SdU <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/27/1999 23:14:24
On 27 Jan 1999, KH/LAV Operator wrote:
> My first problem is with edlabel (I must load it with the 'rom()edlabel'
> command.
> The first harddrive is DKA300 in the Central-Unit and in the second Box a=
> DKB0, DKB100,DKB200 and DKB300. I call my disks in edlabel 'sd(x,y,z)'.
> No values for the parameters allowed me to Edit the Disk to label.

Oops, the problem is that you can't access any other drives than the one
you booted from with 'rom()...' You can't access the other disks until
you have booted the kernel, and you cant do that without setting a
disklabel and install bootblocks on the disk. Catch 22...

> If it is possible to install NetBSD on my machine, what must I do ???

The easiest way is to netboot the thing from another box, but setting
up the MOP-server, and all the other stuff is not a trivial task.

When you have netbooted it's easy to set up the disk and install all
the necessary stuff on disk. There are however som things to consider.
The latest release 1.3.2 doesn't support the console on the VS3100,
the only way to access it when making the setup is to use the serial
ports, and use a terminal connected to it. Another thing is that the
SCSI-support is a bit flaky from time to time. It is _NOT_ recommended
to try to use the original SCSI-1 disks that the VS3100 uses. You will
most certainly get DMA-errors and data corruption if you don't use
SCSI-2 disks. The current release works with the older disks since it
uses PIO-mode drivers for the SCSI-controller. This means however that
the disks are _very_ slow. If you plan to use the current release (which
support the console) you are much better off with the system netbooted.

I'm working on a bootable CD-rom image that will allow you to install
a NetBSD system much more easy. The last thing i'll have to overcome
is that the installation kernel won't boot from disk yet, only from net...

I'll keep you posted when the CD works, then i'll make a .ISO image
available, so if you can download it and burn a CD you can easily install
a system on your VS3100. The only thing you will need is a SCSI-CDROM
to boot the installation kernel from.


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