Subject: Sorry : Offers TK50 Cartridges
To: '' <>
From: KH/LAV Operator <Operator.KH/>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/27/1999 18:43:00
Now I know that NetBSD/pmax don't run on my MicroVax 3100 , please excuse me
I'm a newbie by NetBSD and I presume that the installation on Vaxen is a
hard work!!!

But can NetBSD/vax run on a MicroVax 3100 with SCSI-Drives ????

The person which help me to label my disks and Install NetBSD on my
MicroVax will receive the Cartridges (TK50 or TK70) !!!!

My first problem is with edlabel (I must load it with the 'rom()edlabel'
The first harddrive is DKA300 in the Central-Unit and in the second Box are
DKB0, DKB100,DKB200 and DKB300. I call my disks in edlabel 'sd(x,y,z)'.
No values for the parameters allowed me to Edit the Disk to label.

If it is possible to install NetBSD on my machine, what must I do ???

If You know what is to do, please send me an E-mail because I have
-problems when I will read the Mailing-list at location.


or private :