Subject: Re: RD53s and swapping
To: Johnny Billquist <bqt@Update.UU.SE>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/25/1999 20:01:48
> As for memory shartage, having shared libraries really don't help you at
> all. Actually, you'll likely loose some.
> The libraries are shared on disk, not in memory.
> It will do wonders for disk space, though...
> I'm not sure under which circumstances code is shared under current BSD.
> Someone please enlighten me. I'm still at the old sticky-bit stadium...
You sure is! 
Shared libraries is a real wonder for memory usage. All contents in a
shared library is shared among all processes that uses it. There will
for example be only one instance of libc in memory. (except for
writable data, of course :-)
There would be no point of having shared libraries if they weren't shared :-)

-- Ragge