Subject: Edlabel & SCSI
To: '' <>
From: KH/LAV Operator <Operator.KH/>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/25/1999 17:36:48
Please help !!! I have problems to label my SCSI-Harddrives with edlabel.
I have made the boot tape and the miniroot tape (NetBSD1.3.2), boot with
B/3 MKB500, then load edlabel with rom()edlabel. Now my problem :

	I have 1 Harddrive(RZ23) called DKA300 in the CPU-Box
	I have 4 Hardrives(RZ23,RZ25) called DKB0, DKB100, DKB200, DKB300 in
a second box
	I have also a TK50 tape called MKB500.

When I type sd(0,0,0,0) in edlabel, error messages likes : SCSI SELECT
timeout, I
test a lot of differents values as parameters ( sd(1,0,0,0), sd(0,1,0,0),
....), I becam
every time the sames error messages.
When I say sd(0,3,0,0) a other serie of errors messages are printed.

What is happened there, wich values must I use to label my disks.

	Please send response on my E-mail adresse (one of these) :