Subject: Re: Boot fails...
To: Anders Hogrelius SdU <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/24/1999 18:54:41
> Hi everyone!
> I have some, uhm, -bizarre errors when trying to boot a new install
> kernel i've compiled. It works without problem when netbooting, but
> when i try to boot it from disk it fails, but only if i've configured
> the md disk. If i leave it unconfigured the kernel boots...
> This is what happens when i try to boot from disk.
> >>> b/1 dka500
> -DKA500
> howto 0x1, bdev 0xa2, booting...done.
> >> NetBSD/vax boot [Dec  9 1998 20:19:36] <<
> >> Press any key to abort autoboot 5
> > boot rom()netbsd
> changing rpb->unit from 500 to 5
> 792596+1615456|
> ?06 HLT INST
>     PC = 1200042B
> >>> 
> I've tried using both a booter i've compiled on my own box, as well
> as the one from Ragges bootimage, none of them works.
> -And, yes, i've written new bootblocks on the disk, but with the same
> result. It seems that the bootloader can't load the kernel into memory
> when run from disk.
The kernel is overwriting the boot program. Why this happens I have 
no idea. The boot program is loaded just below 3MB, and the kernel
starts loading from address zero.

If you break the boot program in the middle of the boot sequence you can 
see where it writes out that it stopped.

-- Ragge