Subject: Re: confused
To: Bruce Lane <>
From: Paul Duncan <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/24/1999 00:25:16
> 	Despite the similarity in connectors, DSSI is definitely not SCSI. In
> fact, I'm surprised you didn't fry something by trying to connect a SCSI
> drive.

Don't worry, I haven't plugged anything into anything so far, apart from the
Ethernet and the console port - and I'm on familiar ground there now :-)

> 	DSSI drives and devices do pop up on the used scene occasionally, though I
> have no idea how expensive they want to be.

Well the big MicroVAX II has SCSI on board, so hopefully I can get that
running and use (relatively) cheap and big :-) drives. I thought there might
be SCSI on the 4000, but I'm not so sure any more because nothing to do
with SCSI pops up if I say show dev to it. I can do show scsi, but that
gets me absolutely nothing, so who knows.