Subject: Re: Netbooting
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/23/1999 19:48:59
Hi !

> I've put eth0 into the allmulti mode mentioned in the docs, 
> /proc/net/rarp exists, but says "RARP disabled until entries added to
> cache", rpc.bootparamd, mopd and rpc.nfsd are all running. I've actually
> got mopd running with the -d flag in the hope that I'll get some useful
> info out of it, but nothing yet.

Ok, you REALLY should add entries to rarp. "rarp -s <hostname> <hwaddr>"

> When I say "boot eza0" (I assume this is the correct command)
> The VAX comes back with:
> (BOOT/R5:0 EZA0)
>   2..
> -EZA0
> Retrying network bootstrap.
> Retrying network bootstrap.

Looks like your MOP server is doing not very much. You fixed the bug in loop.c ?
In function loop() as i remember, there is an uninitialized variable, just
initialize it with 64 in this function.

> and so it goes on. I have set up the entries in /etc/ethers and
> /etc/hosts

/etc/ethers will not be used usually. I wrote a script writing all those
entries to rarp, but if it's only one machine, just try adding it by hand.
BTW: i have build a mop-survival-pack some days ago, 'coz the linux-vaxbsd
problem is very common. If you want it, just mail. I'll upload it to my
site for public access. (Will be in the menu... as soon as there is a menu :-)

> If anyone's got any ideas what's gone wrong, I'd be most grateful.
> I've tried using netwatch utility, but I get the feeling it will only
> look at packets with proper IP addresses.

TCP/IP is only done when the booter already started and got its RARP/BOOTP address.

cu.. Michael