Subject: Re: Status on VS3100M76SPX port
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/23/1999 10:36:24
Hi !

> It's been a while since I had seen anything about this specific
> machine. How's work on the DMA SCSI and 8 bit color console support
> (even if in b/w mode, gotta give the VR160DA some use!)

Bring us information about memory addresses and so :-) I also have this board,
but no info, otherwise i would at least try to port the mono driver to the
color board.

> Has anyone here messed with DECServer boxes (DSVR-AA)? These have eight
> RS-232 ports going into AUI ethernet.

I have a DECserver 200 MC standing around... Nice thing, 68000 inside. I found
a bootfile somewhere in the internet with ftp-search, and now i can do much
stuff over serial port 1. Only thing, why it's standing in the corner again: It
doesn't know about TCP/IP or so, it only does LAT, a proprietary DEC protocol.
How far is DECNET-support ? :-)

Cu, Michael