Subject: Almost got it up.... but not quite...
To: None <>
From: Robert D. Keys <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/22/1999 11:39:35
In the merrie pranks and twists of VAXen play, I have almost gotten
the VAXstation 3500 up and running.  I get the netbsd tape booted,
and the drive edlabeled, and the miniroot copied, then I am unable
to get the miniroot booted.  Part of the problem is conflicting info
in the faqs and install sheets, and what I have seen here on the list,
and what is in the 4.3BSD 01.setup manual.  I am close, but that counts
in horseshoes or atom bombs, and not booting VAXen....(:+{{...

Anyway, can someone explain to me the correct incantation of the booting
procedure to boot a VAXstation 3500 (KDA650) with RA70 drive and hopefully
the miniroot on swap?  I have tried...

: ra(0,1)vmunix   (in the manner of 4.3BSD, just in case)
: ra(0,1)netbsd
: ra(0,1)gennetbsd
: ra(0,0,1)vmunix
: ra(0,0,1)netbsd
: ra(0,0,1)gennetbsd

all of which may be close, but not quite exactly there.....(:+{{....
The install sheet says ra(0,1)gennetbsd, but that does not work.
Someone posted here on the lists ra(0,0,1)netbsd, and that did not work.
The html faq suggests the same thing.  Something is not quite there.

The tape I have is supposedly the 1.3.2 port.

It errors out with:     getdisklabel, label not found
                        directory or file not found

(or something pretty close to that from memory) when it is calling the
kernel.  That would suggest either it was not finding the miniroot,
or it was not finding the right kernel name in the miniroot.  The
disklabel is not labeled yet, so it would probably be expected to
error out on that, assuming edlabel actually did label the RA70.
It might also indicate that even edlabel bombed and never did write
a label on the disk, so it really was having a hard time finding
anything.  That seems strange though, since copy wrote the miniroot
correctly, or apparently so.  I am expecting that the kernel callup
is not finding the right name, most likely.

Any pointers or suggestions are appreciated.

Also, is there a postscript printer dump of the html NetBSD/VAX faq on
vaxine in Norway?  I have no good way to webscrape the html, and really
need a full hardcopy of that in postscript (if possible), or text.

Thanks!...... as he says, getting there very sloooooooooowly on the TK70.
(that has gotta be the slowest tape I have ever seen in my life.....)

Bob Keys