Subject: 19990101 kernel panics
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/22/1999 09:26:05
I just got my uVax-II up and running the December snapshot, with the 1/1/99
kernel.  Let me say that, in the little bit of playing with it I've done so
far, it's nice!  The last release I was running on this machine was 1.1A,
and you can certainly see some nice speed-ups and enhancements.  I'm
especially thrilled to have shared libraries... I think that's fantastic.
:-)  Kudos to the entire development team.

However, I have an outstanding issue.  :-)
During compiles, I seem to get frequent panics.  "Frequent" may be harsh,
as I've only tried to build about 2 things.  But here's what I get
everytime.  So far, all I've really tried to do is build Perl and gdbm:

panic: trap: access fault without process
Stopped at     _arithflt+0x18b:    bbc   $6,   60(r8),   _arithflt+0x1ed

Now, I don't know fully how to interpret this, but the "arithflt" would
seem to indicate some relationship to floating point math, somehow.  That's
all I can glean.  :-)

Anyone know what this means?  And has anyone seen this?  I've been lurking
on the list and don't recall anyone mentioning this so far.